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Fight-back Songs
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Fighting Chants

Ain't No POWER Like
The POWER of the PEOPLE,
cause the POWER of the PEOPLE
Don't Stop!!!

This chant comes from the Chicanos of MECHA, who used it to great effect during the Seattle WTO protests

*Family Needs
   Not Corporate Greed!

 *Stop the WAR on the poor

*We're fired up! 
Won't take it no more!

*1,2,3,4 We refuse to blame the poor
   5,6,7,8 Stop the politics of hate!

*We are moms and we won't go
To the poor house, no, no, no!

    *We are mothers, we are strong
    Don't keep doing our children wrong!

    *Welfare bashing - No relief
    Tommy's just a corporate thief!

    *Fight Back