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Welfare Mothers Voice Submission Requirements

Published four times a year: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring Deadlines: July 15, Oct 15, Jan 15, April 15 We accept articles from any mother who has ever had to depend on government benefits for her children's support. Articles must be based on experience, not theory alone, and reflect the truth in your life. Payment is a free subscription. We ask writers not to divide or weaken our community with bigotry against people of any race, size, age or sexual orientation. We want to share our knowledge and strength with each other, to validate each other, and support each other until the poverty community is strong and unified with a VOICE in all systems that affect our lives. We are angry and bored with the lies and stereotypes about moms whose children receive government child support (TANF). We will no longer remain silent. We will unite and fight for the lives of all mothers and children in poverty. We demand dignity.

Send submissions by mail to:

Mother Warriors Voice; 2711 W. Michigan Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Contact the Welfare Warriors