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Our Mission...

The Welfare Warriors are mothers and children in poverty
who have joined together to make our voices heard
in all policies affecting families in poverty,
the larger community, and the Earth...

We work to create a voice for mothers in poverty through our
  own organizations and media.  Through street activism,
 advocacy, and our newspaper, the Mother Warriors
, we fight for the  creation of a federal
program to guarantee that all children
have support to the age of 18.

We educate and agitate until all communities recognize that
 "Motherwork IS Work" and must be paid and prioritized
 by the community and in the workplace.

We actively protest the devastation being caused
by "welfare reform."

HELP!...    CRISIS!...     ATTENTION!...

How Can I Help?

MOM's Line ~ 414-342-6662

Welfare Warriors MOMS Line, begun in 1990, teaches self-advocacy skills and the "Three Step Plan of Self-Defense " to about 1200 moms a year. In addition to telephone training and support, all callers receive a copy of the 34 page booklet, Moms Survival Guide. This booklet, updated yearly, provides names and numbers of supervisors and directors over each welfare bureaucracy, an explanation of Public benefit laws, names and numbers of appropriate politicians, numbers for helpful agencies and programs, and information and articles about the war against the poor. Moms love this Survival Guide and find it essential in an environment that has become increasingly hostile to their families' survival.

Mothers and Youth (MAY) Project

The Welfare Warriors' Mothers and Youth (MAY) project, begun in 1995, brings together moms and their children to work for social justice while learning and developing new skills. It is an exciting way for families to work together, strengthening the family while building the community. The children in the neighborhood have a safe, productive after-school activity where they not only learn the truth about poverty, but they also develop valuable working  skills, from operating office machines to designing flyers and organizing actions, to doing mailings and maintenance. By providing volunteer stipends to youth volunteers, we are able to help families in poverty survive, while they in turn lend valuable work to an invaluable cause--their own.

MaGoD Project

(Mothers and Grandmothers of the Disappeared Children)

The MaGoD Project, was founded in 1992 to provide support and legal advocacy to moms whose children have been wrongfully removed by Social Services. This Project also works to change the practices and laws that allow the government to needlessly remove children from loving homes, their siblings, and their mother.

Mother Warriors Committee

Welfare Warriors' Mother Warriors Committee, the organizing branch of the Welfare Warriors, works locally and across the USA to give a voice to mothers and children to stop the war on the poor and to lobby for a Government Guaranteed Child support Program. We use music, public actions, street theatre, publications, marches and more to organize for social change. Mother Warriors coordinate actions with England's Wages for Housework, LA's Global Strike Network, and the National Women's Council of Ireland to the Global Women's Strike each year on March 8 to demand recognition of women's unpaid work.

How we came to be...

In the Spring of 1986 a small multi-racial group of Milwaukee single mothers came together to create a newspaper that would provide a voice for mothers in poverty where none before existed. We envisioned a media that would allow moms to exchange information, offer each other support and inspiration.

Within a few months of that initial meeting, we named ourselves
Welfare Warriors and our newspaper, Welfare Mothers Voice, because as Warrior Mothers fighting for the children we wanted to remove the stigma attached to what had become a dirty word, "welfare". By the Fall of 1986 we produced the first issue of the Welfare Mothers Voice, a quarterly publication by, for, and about mothers in poverty.  Inspired by Maria, Liberation of People, a Mexican mothers' newspaper, the Voice has grown from a type-written publication pasted together in co-founder Pat Gowens' kitchen, to a 28-page bilingual, international, activist mothers news journal.  The Welfare Warriors have grown from an informal group of moms who met in each other's homes to an organization that educates and inspires mothers to activism around the world.

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