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Merchandise for Sale!


Original Artwork by Welfare Warriors' 87 yr old Board Member, Anne O'Brien.
Purchase a set of 6 for $15. All proceeds to WW.


    The Adventures of Carrie Giver
Collector's Edition First Issue




BUMPER STICKERS ~ 15" BY  3 " $1.50 EACH

MOTHERWORK is WORK (white letters on purple background)


STOP the War on the Poor (red letters with black background)

If They Take Your Child Demand A Jury Trial (gold letters on black background)




$1.00 each

(black letters on magenta to pink background OR
white letters on  purple to faded blue background)





Available in a variety of sizes
from XL to 3x in ivory
with purple design and letters saying
"Motherwork Is Work".
Choose size and quantity.



victims of poverty


all others

Fill in the order form to the right and mail with your check or money order.



(now available!)  $10.00

"Songs from the Mama's Movement"

(60 minutes of Welfare Warriors songs sung acapella by Pat Gowens)

  Cassette tape

Welfare Warriorsí Publications


    Organ./  Indiv/  Poor

  • The Truth About W2: Moms W2 Survival Guide  (18  pages)

  $6  / $4  / $2

  • Organizing and Self-Advocacy Handbook 
    (A 44 page Handbook for Organizers)

$18  / $13  / $5


Informational Handouts

W2, The Crime That Made Wisconsin Famous 4 pages
Welfare to Work for the 7th Generation? (A Poem by P. Georgia Wells) 2 pages
Welfare Debate Omits Motherwork 2 pages

Apologies Donít Help

1 page
10 Facts Everyone Should Know 1 page
10 Questions Everyone Should Ask Legislators about Welfare 1 page
Does Being A Mother Mean So Little? (Bi-lingual Poem by Theresa Bull Yacky) 1 page
Casualties of War (Poem by Linda Ray) 1 page
25 Activist Welfare Rights Groups 1 page
End Wealth-Fare As We Know It 1 page
Fight For Guaranteed Family Support/ Earth Can No Longer Afford the Rich 2 pages
Position Paper On Welfare Reform 2 pages
Reduce Aid for Dependent Corporations 1 page
Welfare Warriors Fight-Back Songs--Guaranteed Income 1 page
Welfare Warriors Fight-Back Carols 4 pages
Voices Of The Experts (U.S. and Canadian Moms Fighting for Caregivers) 2 pages
To Solve Poverty Of Mothers & Children w/ Mrs. Joseph of Nazareth Cartoon 1 page
Simpleminded Scapegoat Game:  Fix Mom 2 pages
The Myths Of Dependency & The Missing Male Role Model 2 pages
Professionals As Pimps 3 pages
Dangerous Patriarchal Reversals 1 page
Mothers &Affordable Housing 1 page
Anythingís Better Than Welfare 1 page
To Those Who  Fight For The Survival Of Our Communities (Open Letter) 3 pages
Good Media To Read and Support 1 page
Unlearning Self-Destructive Habits that Sustain the Plutocracy 1 page
Mothers Voices--Workfare And Learnfare 2 pages
Back Talk--Welfare Warriors  (from Equal Means) 2 pages
Welfare Warrior History & Accomplishments 1 page
Income Comparison Chart  ($8 AFDC and Min. Wage) 1 page
Position Paper On Bridefare 1 page
Impact Of Welfare Deform On Mothers & Children 1 page
New Hope Or Old Despair? 1 page
Poor Single Mothers Donít Deserve to be Everyoneís Target 1 page
Welfare, Learnfare--Unfair! A letter to My Governor  (MS Sept. 1991) 2 pages
Myth of Welfare Reform (Milwaukee Magazine May 1994) 1 page
Overthrowing the Welfare State--WI Punishes the Poor (Village Voice, 5/30/94) 3 pages
Request a Fair Hearing Form and Call WW Survival Line--342-6662 1 page
Pat Gowens Speaker Resume
Warrior Mothers Need Help
Dear Professor Letter  ($5 semester bulk sub rates for professors or students)
Can You Help Us Expand? (bundles of MWV available $35 for 100 or ?)
A Call for Social Justice Action Plan  (Position Paper from Poor
Womenís Movement, created in St. Louis, August, 1994)
2 pages

(Mothers and Grandmothers of the Disappeared Children)

  • MaGoD Brochure
  • Child Abuse And Neglect, Exploding The Myths
  • They Came For The Children  (Poem)
  • Who Are We Protecting?
  • MaGoD Strategies For Survival

4 pages
1 page
1 page
3 pages

Total number of pages:______    postage:_______

(Include $1.50 postage and handling for first 5 pages,  $1  for each additional 5 pages)
Moms in poverty send what you can afford. Postage and Handling is already
included in cost of Books and WMV Newspaper)

Total  Cost of publications 

 $ __________

 Send total amount with your name, address, city, state and zip to:

Welfare Warriors 2711 W. Michigan, Milwaukee, WI 53208.


Contact the Welfare Warriors